Humming with her father, she carefully planned each step, stretching her little legs as far as possible to reach the imprint he had made in the freshly tilled soil. She placed her tiny foot inside his impressions nearly three times before moving on to the next. Heeding his instructions, she dropped one or two seeds into the holes he prepared. He did not need her help to carry out his goal but delighted in teaching her the way his father had shown him.

The tiny building beside the garden where livestock once found shelter from the storms now only housed the dry dung from long ago. Using the dirty silver bowl she found inside, she joyfully scooped one serving at a time and carried it to the garden as a fertilizer to ensure ultimate growth. The dry, arid land lapped each drop from the jug; she gripped the handle tightly as she moved on to the next. Helping her father in the garden was hot work but would be most rewarding when new life sprang forth.

Many years have come and gone, and her earthly father has passed. But, once again, with childlike wonder, the little girl carefully follows in her Father’s footsteps to help Him in the garden, trying her best to follow every instruction. With each drop from her bucket, thirst is quenched.

She spreads the seeds of His love in the cultivated hearts, fertilized with the dung from her past. She knows she may not see the final stage of new life that springs forth, but she is content to share even a tiny part of their unique journey.

The living water that flows from the Father above into her life and the lives of others is enough to sustain her. She joyfully sings a new song He places on her heart and praises His name for the freedom it brings. Free as a bird to soar overhead, carry His messages, and spread His love.  All of this He could do on His own- but He chose her for His purpose to give meaning to her life and help her grow in the full richness of His glory.

We are part of His grand design to follow His path and help each other using our gifts for His glory. The few who find it and follow in His steps will be blessed beyond measure. The more we lift to Him, the more that will be poured back down, to return even better than how we released it.

In the garden of life, He has set a path for us to follow. He goes before us to guide us each step of the way. In childlike wonder, we look up to the Father as He lifts us on His shoulders for a new perspective we are to share with others. The path leads to His kingdom and glory not yet known. But its beauty will amaze us – don’t you want to come along?

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