I began my journey to learn how to be still and listen to God after a life-changing year, that included multiple broken bones, a tragic car accident that took the life of my sister, multiple surgeries, physical therapy and the loss of both parents only six days apart not to mention that I had just come out of an abusive relationship with a broken heart.

But God spared my life and gave me a new perspective. I realized He is in control and I needed to start paying attention. He began to show me images and give me messages through the Holy Spirit. It is my prayer for each person to find comfort, peace and joy as I have in a closer relationship with God. The living waters of the Holy Spirit pour into us and overflows, so we can pour into the lives of others. May you find grace and love for yourself and others.    

This ministry is a conduit to the lives of others. It is by the grace of God through my own faith-walk that I am able to share my story, life experiences and love of Christ with others.