Have you ever wondered how dinosaurs can be millions or even billions of years old, yet God created the world and every living creature only about 6,000 years ago? This question depends upon which lens you are viewing the world. But from a creationist’s standpoint- it is something I have pondered recently.

I guess it has always been something that floated around in the back of my mind, but just recently I started doing a little more digging into the issue. What I found is fascinating and leaves me with a bone to pick with evolutionists who go to great lengths to either bury the evidence or deny its accuracy using one reason or another.

But the fact is that paleontologists have discovered soft tissue, protein, collagen, and intact red blood cells in the bones of dinosaur fossils. If you know anything about these soft tissues, (which I did not know much about them before), they decay more rapidly than other materials. Fossils that are supposed to be millions of years old do not have soft tissues, it just does not jive.

So, in other words, these findings are consistent with a young-age Earth view rather than an old one. Likewise, they found straight footprints preceding the bones, which is evidence of rapid burial and is consistent with a global flood,[1] like the one recorded in Genesis in the time of Noah- another historical fact that some try to deny happened.

“God created dinosaurs along with humans on Day Six, approximately 6,000 years ago.”[2] (Genesis 1:24-25) God is all-powerful and unlimited; He created everything in a mature state at the time of creation. The Bible does not say God created Adam as a baby, so why could He not create all the animals, plants, and trees fully developed and capable of producing fruit? God is outside of time and space, but He created in six days and rested on the seventh as an example to humans because we are. Another way God did something for our benefit was Jesus becoming flesh and walking this Earth as a human- leaving footprints of His own, to relate to, teach, and die for our sins, as the only suitable sacrifice. His life was also an example for us to imitate.

Because the earth was so corrupt and filled with violence after the Fall, God judged the earth by destroying it and everything in it with the Flood (Gen. 6:17). The only ones saved were Noah and his family along with two of every kind of creature. Dinosaurs lived pre-Flood and then post-Flood, they eventually died out due to human activity, climate change, or other factors.[3]

Many other findings and facts are consistent with a young-Earth creation. I recommend watching a documentary entitled Is Genesis History?  A virtual trip worth taking with fascinating discoveries and explanations of them along the way.

These are evidence of historical events in Genesis that lead us to Jesus and the gospel of salvation. To deny these momentous events and genealogies from Adam to Jesus- diminishes Christ’s death on the cross and the very gospel message that ensures our hope of salvation.

To put dinosaurs millions of years before the time of Adam is saying that death preceded the Fall and that is not consistent with the Bible’s redemption story and the need for Jesus. It is only when we realize our brokenness (because of sin entering after the Fall- which leads to death) that we can accept the gospel message and Jesus Christ as our Savior, which leads to life.

[1] Oard, Michael. March 1, 2003, In the Footsteps of Giants.

[2] Answers in Genesis

[3] Ibid.

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