The human condition requires Divine Intervention because man by nature is sinful, and we are not capable of saving ourselves. Human effort to cover up and hide from sin is futile and leads to destruction as we saw with Adam and Eve in the garden (Genesis 3:7-8, ESV). God is the only answer because He is Holy and set apart from sin. Without Christ as the ultimate sacrifice for our sin, we would have no hope of salvation. Because of one man’s sin, we are all condemned, but by one act of righteousness, we are all justified (Romans 5:18). For me, God’s Divine Intervention was a wake-up call to start paying attention. It came in the form of an accident that somehow spared my life but took the life of my sister. It came when my abuser threw me out, even though I could not see it at the time. It came when God helped my dad hang on to life long enough to get my mom buried and pass himself only six days later. God’s mercy and goodness are no match to our brokenness. His will always prevails; thankfully, He wants the best for us and the greater good. It is like a factory reset button; to clean out the cobwebs we created and have a fresh start on a new path forward.

            Without grace, we would not have a clean slate to move forward. No matter how much good we try to do we can never be good enough to cover the sin in our lives. Ryken, 2013 makes a great point, “when we finally become convinced of our lost and sinful condition—with all its deadly consequences—then we cry out for the kind of help that only God can give.” I can relate to this statement as I finally asked God what He wanted for my life. Only then was I set free and to begin a new life; only through a spotless lamb of Jesus Christ can we claim any righteousness and freedom from sin. God gives us grace out of pure love. When grace sinks in, new life begins. It is a verb and redemptive activity set forth by God through the work of Christ; therefore, we are forgiven and accepted forever (Brand, 2015). No human on his own seeks God or does anything good enough to merit salvation (Romans 3:10-12). It is like gentle refreshing rain on a squelching summer day in the middle of the desert. It quenches our dry parched lips, and we receive its life-sustaining qualities. This reminds me of the vision in Ezekiel when God sent the Spirit to bring new life to dry bones (Ezekiel 37:9-10). It is only by the Holy Spirit and the grace of God through His Son Jesus that we have new life.


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Ryken,  Philip Graham. Christian Worldview: A Student’s Guide. Crossway. Retrieved from https://app.wordsearchbible.lifeway.com. 2013.


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