Misdirected Missions

There have been some amazing discoveries over the years with space exploration and now to think that someone, if they have enough money, can take a fifteen -minute ride to space just because they want to make history or whatever other reasons motivate them to spend $5.5 Billion for the short adventure. It is mind blowing. I am not dismissing the fact that NASA has come a long way in the last few years. But all of this takes money- and a lot of it. We have much bigger issues in the world that this money could go along way to solve. There is no reason a child in the United States of America should go hungry, a veteran should be homeless, or our poorest neighbors (at home and globally) should not have the vaccinations they so desperately need but cannot afford.

People are made in the image of God, (Gen. 1:27, ESV) and they are more valuable than other creatures; (Matt. 6:26, ESV). I believe that also applies to space exploration and fifteen- minute space travel. We are to take care of people when they are in need and love our neighbors (Matt. 19:19, ESV). When we throw  more money into space (literally) than we do the human condition, and caring for others, the brokenness of this world is magnified more than the billions spent. What does this say to the hurting people of the world?

I am not writing about this to brew up trouble, but rather stir minds and hearts to pray that these entities and billionaires who are casting their money into space would wake up to the fact that directing even a fraction to our most vulnerable would have a huge impact.

I cannot be the only person who sees a solution to our biggest problems. By diverting money to help find a cure for cancer, pay for immunizations in other parts of the world, who have never had their first dose yet, simply because they are poor; provide housing and food to our homeless, ensure our kids are fed and well-educated, and the issues go on and on. You get the point.

After writing this, I did a little research before continuing and posting. I am indeed not the only person who sees this as a solution to many of our biggest issues. The Global Citizen also made a similar observation recently listing seven things the money Bezos spent on his 15 minute ride could have solved or accomplished around the globe to help the condition of humankind.

To his credit, I also read where Bezos awarded two people, whom he felt could and would make a difference, the sum of $1M each for what he is calling the courage and civility award. He announced this at a press conference immediately following his landing which, as I previously stated, cost $5.5B. You do the math. The press conference was strategic and intentional in its timely display- even though I am happy he did something- it is not enough.

I realize there are probably many red-tape issues with diverting government dollars to other programs. But haven’t we had to do just that in other areas recently with the pandemic? Why not divert money from one government entity to help those in need, who are losing their homes to floods, fires, and soon evictions, just to name a few.

This is not just a soap box message. This is a call to action. We have a powerful resource in our toolbox called prayer. Let’s use it. Pray fervently, with passion, and desperation, that God would have mercy on us and our neighbors around the world facing these issues and that He would reveal Himself to the lost, lonely, and hurting people. That we would be brave and bold in our walk with God. That He can use us to show a lost and hurting world the love of Christ in honorable and humble ways that represent a Holy Creator who designed us to be in relationship with Him and others, to use our gifts and talents to help each other, on a mission for Jesus and the heart of His people everywhere.

Love God. Love People. In that order. If we do this to the best our ability, everything else will fall into place. Yes, we will still live in a broken world, but when we put God first and show others the love of Christ, it puts everything into perspective. When the proper perspective is achieved, we will generously give our resources to help others who are less fortunate. Sharing is caring. Those who have been in need and know what it is like are traditionally the most generous and give more than those with much Mark 12:42 is a great example of this.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21 ESV

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