Angelic Presence

A while back I asked God what He wanted me to write about. His answer was the title of this message. I did not take to pen and paper or computer/keyboard right away. Frankly, I was not completely sure what to write about in that arena. I know a little about them from what I have read in the Bible, but to write about them felt a little intimidating at first. I know I cannot do it on my own by any means.

I began reading a book my friend gave me for my birthday entitled, “Angels” by Billy Graham. I received this gift a few months earlier and had not pick it up to read until then. I believe it was no coincidence that she gave it to me.

It also was not a coincidence that two days later I dreamed about mom and dad. Mostly dad as he stood over me watching me sleep. When I woke up (in the dream) to see him standing over my bed I knew he was there to protect me. I got up and he gave me the best hug! This was a special gift, even in a dream, as when I woke up it made me very happy and stayed with me all day like a warm smile from an old friend.

The next day, my sister called and began to tell me how angels had been on her mind that week. I told her my dream, but I still did not write about them just yet. I forgot about it for a couple of weeks and had not read any more of the book about angels either until one evening I picked it back up and this sentence stood out to me like a sore thumb, “we are not to pray to angels.”

The next morning, my scripture reading led me to Hebrews 1:14- “Angels are only servants, spirits sent to care for people who will inherit salvation.”

He showed me that prayer is a form of worship, and we are only to worship God the creator of all things. Angels are not higher than Jesus and should not be worshipped.  

The next morning, my reading led me to Revelation. 19:10, where John is reprimanded for attempting to worship the angel who was delivering the message. “Then I fell down at his feet to worship him, but he said, no, don’t worship me. I am a servant of God, just like you and your brothers and sisters who testify about their faith in Jesus. Worship only God.” In the notes section of the NLT study bible, it gives this reflection: “God still has angelic messengers, but they are creatures who serve Him, not divine beings to be worshipped. Faithful servants of the past, including Mary, are human beings. They may be honored in our Christian memories, but they have no claim to divinity, and they should never be worshipped.”

I believe and have experienced that God can send messages through many forms, including angels, who are also here to protect all believers everywhere. The presence of angels can be comforting, but most of the time we do not even realize they are with us. They can come in different forms that are unseen or in physical body form, but we may not always know when they are here.  God can send angels to protect and save us from danger as He chooses.

The Holman Bible dictionary defines an angel as, “created beings whose primary function is to serve and worship God. Unlike God they are not eternal or omniscient.” Angels carry out God’s will as He directs them. (Ps. 148:2-5; Col. 1:16) They also preform tasks as mediators. (Acts 7:53; Gal. 3:19; Rev. 1:1; 10:1)

Some people think cardinals are a visit from a loved one or an angel. I am very fond of cardinals. One evening, during this time, a cardinal flew up to the living room window and tried to perch multiple times. I feel God sends me multiple messages until I finally write about it. Perhaps this was another reminder. Angels continued to show up in my reading as I read the book of Revelation. There are some very beautiful imageries in this book if you get a chance to read it again.

I will leave you with this: “And the city has no need of sun or moon, for the glory of God illuminates the city, and the Lamb is the light.” (Rev. 21:23)

7 thoughts on “Angelic Presence

  1. In my brother’s and my childhood home was a picture of an older boy and little girl on a bridge being protected by an angel. It is a common picture but usually the girl is older. Anyway through the years we lost it. My brother looked for the same picture as ours and ended up having many of that type. I remember so well his telling me that we mist not worship angels. I do thank God for giving His angels charge over us. Thank you, Angela.

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  2. God is good! He not only helps me write the messages but speaks to others through them. I am glad you were moved. That makes me smile! I appreciate you sharing it! Thank you!


  3. So true…I think people also assist the angels in their work occasionally…Have you ever been called an ‘angel’ for helping someone?

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