Baby’s Breath

With the Father by His side, the Groom awaits His bride

He walked the earth to be by her side

He searched the fields for the perfect bouquet

Everlasting love in a fragrant sachet

Mere words fall short and express only in part

The beauty He sees within her heart

A magnificent love story waiting to be told

As their paths cross the journey unfolds

Grace and honor hold hands, their fingers intertwine

In the unity of truth, His glory divine

Made for this moment, their hands finally meet

Their purpose intact, the puzzle complete

A picture of hope for a new life

They come together as husband and wife

Respect, honor, and peace shine through in love

Their Father looks down from Heaven above

A past forgiven, new hope springs forth

A memory shared, their hearts rejoice

All creatures great and small circle around

To witness the union in reverent awe

Baby’s breath, so tiny and sweet

A reflection of purity, His purpose complete

For this moment He died upon the cross

With a loving heart, He bore the loss

To save His bride and live a life

As God intended with the bride of Christ

The kingdom of God awaits us all

An inheritance of joy when we heed the call

Have faith and trust in a mighty God

Who loves us fiercely and forgives our flaws

A servant’s heart He asks of us

We fall on our knees, lift our eyes in trust

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