Heart Condition

Have you ever heard someone ask the rhetorical question, ‘why do bad things happen to good people?’ I propose, to get the answer, one must first understand the falsity of the question. According to Romans 3:10 no one is righteous, not even one. In other words, none of us are ‘good’. The bad things that happen are the result of sin and a broken world. Thankfully, one’s salvation does not hinge on one’s good or bad behavior, but rests solely on the finished work of Christ.

It is the work of the Holy Sprit within one’s heart that changes their desires as they seek to be a better person according to God’s will. This is called regeneration. It is an important factor in becoming a Christ follower. We are all born with heart condition and the only remedy is through a relationship with the Ultimate Physician. When we surrender and ask what God wants for us, we no longer want to follow the things of this world but do that which pleases our Father.

For me, I remember being as far down as I could possibly get; I exhausted all my own options before I finally looked up to ask the most important question of my life, “God, what do you want?” At this point, I relinquished control and surrendered my way for God’s way. The change that occurred was gradual, not immediate, but none the less obvious. We are justified (forgiven) immediately and forever, because of Jesus, but the work of sanctification is a life-long journey and will not be complete or perfect until we are with God in our eternal home. But we can ask for the Holy Spirit’s help to be more like Jesus every day until one day it will be so.

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