Mission of Hope Tour:Photo of the day

Now I know how Alice in Wonderland felt…

Hello from Smith River, CA! (somewhere between Crescent City, CA and Brookings, OR) Before I talk about the photo of the day I first want to catch you up on my flight experience yesterday.

As you know I flew into DC – I already had a 3+ hour layover in the airport waiting for my connection to Denver. Once we boarded the plane and started to what we thought was the runway ended up being a parking lot for planes. With several lined up in a neat row we sat there…and sat there…until they finally told us that the route had been changed to avoid inclement weather. Okay, I am fine with waiting on the ground for that. Then the pilot told us they had been crunching numbers and with the longer route we wouldn’t have enough fuel. So we headed back to the terminal to top off the tank.

While we were fueling up the storm moved closer and by the time we got back to the runway…all routes had been closed. Then the storm came. We sat there a good 3 hours before taking off for Denver. Of course that meant I missed my connection to Medford.

When we landed in Denver I received a text from the airline that they had re-booked my flight – Great! It was now 7:28 and my flight was scheduled for take off at 7:40. I was about 20 gates away from where I needed to be in about 10 mins. I actually got off the the plane about 7:38. Mental note: Sandals are good for initial security check. Bad for running in the airport to your gate as you hear your name being called over the speaker. But, by the grace of God- I made it! Apparently they were waiting on me. I was the last person to board and got to walk the isle to the complete rear seat of the plane with everyone looking at me with that ‘we’ve been waiting’ grimace on their faces.

I know most of you have your own flight stories to tell and have probably had much worse days than mine, but in full disclosure this just made me question my sanity a little and wonder why I go to the trouble to get to another destination at all.

Then I see God’s magnificent design in nature like the photo above and it all comes back into perspective. I did ask God a couple of times if I heard Him right…because when I finally got to my hotel, in my exhausted emotional travel weary state, they didn’t have record of my reservation. They did end up finding the info and thankfully had a room for me, but by the time I got settled down and into bed it was about 2 a.m. Ky time and my body felt every minute of it.

As I was watching the news and eating my free continental breakfast this morning the weather man announced the coast would be having rain today and possibly tomorrow. Something they hadn’t experienced in a while. So my coastal drive was a bit cloudy and yes it did rain most of the afternoon, but I still saw some amazing trees and beautiful coast lines. I am grateful for being here and to have a cabin and a bed to lay my head down.

This was not the photo I would have shared but you guessed it, my laptop isn’t reading my SD card so I can’t download the photos from my Canon. Good thing I took a few with my phone. Just in case.

Tomorrow…Brookings and then Mt. Shasta for book signing and talk. Good night friends!

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