In a moment of love He washed away the pain.

This weekend has been an emotional roller coaster for me. It is through grateful tears I share that today marks the 6th anniversary of a tragic accident that changed my life forever. But the only way I can call this a celebration is because of God.

Only God can transform such a tragic accident and frankly the entire year, that could easily by no stretch of the imagination be called the worst year of my life into a beautiful beginning of a new life with a new purpose. I can just as easily call it the best year of my life because of Christ.

That, my friend, is worth celebrating!

I was a broken mess…BUT GOD spared my life. I knew I better start paying attention. Man, did He show up in a BIG way!

My life is not my own. Everything I have and do is because of Him. I fail to measure up all day long, every day…BUT GOD gives me GRACE and helps me. I give Him all the honor and glory He so richly deserves for anything I accomplish.

A new journey awaits…this is just the beginning of another year of adventure. I can’t wait to see what He does next. Stay tuned….

In the meantime….Let’s eat cake! 😊 (BTW- the image above is a greeting card from my website: http://www.h2hgreetings .com)

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