Panic & Persistence

I have not typically been a person to experience panic attacks. I have been nervous about certain situations like speaking in public but not to the point of outright panic or demobilizing fear that kept me from the task at hand.

Lately, when I am being obedient to God in ways that go against the grain of human nature or walk through the new challenges He sets before me, my excitement and joy are replaced by panic at sunset.

I have written before how I see this as a sign that I must be on the right track if the enemy is trying to rob me of my joy and keep me from completing God’s purpose in my life. I still believe that, but was also given a new message on the subject as my journey led me into an unknown territory.

The little bit of temporary discomfort, panic and/or fear are no comparison to the impact my obedience will make on the kingdom. The benefits will far outweigh the temporary discomfort.

Compare it to a new exercise plan. The pain we experience in the beginning will not compare to the benefits we will have if we push through and keep our sights on our goal. Our persistence will pay off in the end.

It’s the same thing with being obedient and trusting God- if we are relentlessly seeking His will staying focused on Him we will persevere. Just do the next thing. Don’t look too far ahead or worry that you are not equipped to do the task. If you show up, and take the next step, God will do the rest. I have to remind myself of this a lot lately.

If we get caught up in the weeds we will miss the beauty of the journey. Look up. One day at a time. Push the panic and fear away by whispering, “Thank you, Jesus for the precious gifts you are giving me.” Take a deep breath and be confident in what God is doing in your life. We can acknowledge the fear but not let it stand in our way. When we are standing on the foundation of the one who created us- we will persevere!

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