2020 Vision

There is a very large dog in our neighborhood who is so disciplined the owner doesn’t need a leash. He faithfully walks with or just behind the owner at every step, focused and unwavering from his path.

This dog is so big he could easily take out any dog in our hood in a single bite. But he doesn’t even bark back or seem to get distracted by anything around him.

Isn’t this the model of the ultimate Christian life? To be disciplined in our daily walk with Jesus. No leash…we are completely free. Yet, we choose to walk with Jesus and let Him lead us on the path He is preparing before us. Unwavering, even when life’s circumstances are thrown at us, we don’t get distracted.

We can put our complete trust in the One who created us for this journey. If we are putting our faith in Him and walking with Jesus daily, everything else falls into place.

I had the opportunity recently to hear a minister in another county speak about 2020 as it relates to our 20/20 vision. It piqued my interest. I hadn’t thought of it that way before. Even though God has been placing a message about the new year bringing new opportunities. It all makes total sense.

I believe we have the perfect opportunity with the new year to begin a new life with a new vision that aligns with our purpose; God’s purpose for us. You can see your vision, as it aligns with God’s, come to fruition; but it will take discipline and focus on a daily walk with Jesus. I hope this excites you beyond measure. It does me.

Are you asking God what He wants for you and… listening for the answers? I am speaking from experience here when I say this. We can pray about a situation and ask for God to help, but if we don’t trust Him with the outcome, whatever it is, it won’t manifest. But when we align with God’s will in our lives our vision and God’s vision for us becomes one in the same.

God wants complete control to lead you to your best life; to the calling He has for you. We can’t see the big picture; only God can. Will you trust the One who has the blueprints? If you are like me, your choices haven’t led to a life full of joy and peace. The key is being flexible and ready to move in any direction God wants for you. To know what God wants you must listen; the only way to listen is to be still. What have you got to lose? It is only UP from here.

How is your Spiritual health these days? Do a mental scan and see how many you can check off the list: In the word daily, being still, praying continually, thanking God/being grateful even in undesirable circumstances, ask God’s will in your life, surrender to Him every day, pray on your knees, humble obedience, ask for wisdom and discernment.

These are a few things you can implement into your daily routine for the ultimate Christian life and let your 2020 vision manifest. We can start planting the right seeds today that will grow into the life we want to harvest tomorrow.

I have never been a big fan of making New year’s resolutions. Usually those are never kept all year. I am not talking about something you start today and don’t continue throughout the new year. I am talking about the kind of daily disciplines that are life changing and last a lifetime. We can only do that with God’s help and guidance.

What footprints will you leave behind? It is not too late, there is still time to plant new seeds; and make better choices for a better life. Are you ready to learn more about having a closer relationship with Christ and implementing the disciplines it takes to get there? Faith Walk Ministries can help you determine your desired goals for 2020 and give you the action items for success while walking beside you on your journey. Contact angela@faith-walk-ministries.org for a free consultation.

Happy New Year! God loves you and so do I.

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else and live righteously and He will give you everything you need. Matthew 6:33

Healthy Decision Making

Now that it is getting colder again, I had to remind myself how many layers I really need as I head out the door for an early morning run.

The first cold snap and I put on way too many. I overdressed due to the initial shock of the temperatures as I had been accustomed to the warmer mornings. But from experience I knew I would warm up quickly when I got moving and be too hot. I allowed my feelings in the moment decide for me and influence my decision instead of going off experience and knowledge of the truth.

That is so easy to do in other situations of our lives as well. We take how we are feeling the moment and make a rash decision rather than looking into our past experiences to pull out a well-thought out decision.

We sometimes block out all awareness of Christ and go through life to the beat of our own song. That is when we miss a lot of blessings. Bitterness destroys lives, marriages and relationships.

Regret and resentment from bad choices can weigh on us and we start to allow it to define us and our self-worth takes a nose dive off the deep end. We sink like a rock. That’s where Jesus comes in and throws us a life-line.

I am learning to hit pause on my decision making until I have consulted God. I have found Him to be a helpful and necessary consultant. This practice has saved me from many bad decisions or ones that are made from feelings, in the moment, rather than being based on His truth and knowledge from lessons learned. If we look to Him before charging out on our own it can save us from some major catastrophes in our life.

Leaning to hit pause before I speak is also something I have had to learn over time. It has kept me from blurting out something I would regret later. A simple, silent prayer or whisper, “Help me Holy Spirit” helps me hold my tongue in certain situations and respond appropriately.

There are still times that I mess up, make mistakes and don’t know how to be honest and direct in my communications. Usually because I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. God is still working on me. He gives me insight on how to respond the next time and courage to be honest and properly communicate what I mean.

Honesty is always the best policy. That doesn’t mean I have to be mean or rude. It simply means I can say what I mean in a kind, gentle way. I need to be direct in my communications, so others are clear about my stance. Not being clear has gotten me in trouble in the past. Not being able to say no is something I dealt with that I don’t want to continue. Being firm is sometimes necessary in certain situations. Boundaries are healthy and necessary.

Decisions themselves have always been a struggle in my life. It was always easier to just allow others to make them for me and not stand up for myself. (This is how I became a co-dependent, people-pleaser) I grew up in a family that didn’t communicate what they were really thinking.  Trying to decide where to eat became a major decision every time and resulted in us not being able to make any of the important decisions in our lives. That carried over into adulthood for most of my life. But God, is showing me how to make healthy choices and decisions that have changed my life and ultimately lead me to Christ.

He saved me from my bad choices and tells me that is not who I am. When our self-worth is found in Christ alone we can get our head out of the water and see the light again.

The only one I need to please is God. That makes all my decisions clearer by asking what God wants for me, based on His truth and the knowledge He gives me.

Trust the Lord with all your heart, do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take. Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom.” Proverbs 3:5-7

An honest answer is like a kiss of friendship. Proverbs 24:26