The Bible is one big story. It is God’s story, and is for the restoration, rescue, and redemption of His people through the birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. Some time after the accident with my sister in 2013, I witnessed a black bird take its last breath, after hitting my front door head on. A tear escaped my eyes when its chest fell silent. My life could have easily been taken away in an instant when we hit that rock wall. But, instead, the Holy Spirit breathed new life in me, so I could live for Him to fulfill His purpose.

God chose to rescue me. Through a series of life-altering events, my life was transformed with an indescribable outcome that changed the trajectory of my future. I was missing one key ingredient in my life- a relationship with Christ. I was putting a man in His place. Once I got my priorities straight and started paying attention, everything else started to fall into place. I cannot express enough the importance of having a relationship with Christ. Something I never knew existed but has changed my life in a profound way. So grateful God threw me a lifeline through Jesus when my ship was sinking.

The only way I can express my love back to God for saving me and loving me is through my humble obedience as His faithful servant, something I strive to be every day, even though I fall short. The stronger my faith becomes and the deeper it is rooted the more I can trust Him with every aspect of my life.

My gratefulness is immeasurable. Some days I still cannot believe the impact Christ has made in my life and the ways He changed me. I am still learning every day and am happy to share the things He illuminates to me through the Holy Spirt to hopefully bring others to Christ as well.

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