Conversations with God

The other day I needed to talk to the owner of my neighbor’s house, since it is a rental. I asked her for her landlord’s name and number, but she did not know it right of and scrambled to find it. As she was looking in her phone, she said, “I don’t call him unless I need something.”

This struck me a few days later, isn’t that what we tend to do with God? We do not always think to go to Him unless something is wrong. God delights in us coming to Him with everything. That can be in the form of praise, thankfulness, or just talking to Him about your day when things are going right. Spending time in reflection, of everything God has given us, should lead to gratefulness. He gives us the very breath we breathe.

Let us not forget that He is a good Father who wants to hear from us, in good and bad times. Even if He already knows, He wants us to talk to Him and share not only our upsets, and pleading prayers, but also our joy and uplifting gratefulness for everything He provides to us every, single, day. Let us not take that for granted. The textbook, “Illustrated Bible Survey,” describes our prayer as a dialogue with God. It refers to the book of Habakkuk where we see him questioning God. If we come to Him in the right attitude, we can ask the “why” questions, this kind of faith lends to boldness before God, but also humbly submits to His Sovereignty even when we do not fully understand. Our dialogue also involves waiting on God and listening for His answers.

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