The Cycle

Some people like the idea of being a runner but lack the motivation and discipline it takes to be consistent and overcome the hard parts. They’ll never achieve success to experience a runner’s high that will keep them motivated. If we aren’t consistent, we can continue to circle in the beginning stages of difficulty.

It’s the same for those of us who like the idea of having a closer relationship with Christ and lack the discipline it takes to overcome our old ways and never experience the Spiritual highs of a true relationship with Christ. We keep circling in the dark, making the same mistakes over and over.

Where does the cycle break? Picture an infinity circle with the right side being black, or the dark side and the left being white, or the light. Christ is at the center. For years, I circled on the right side, making the same mistakes as I slept walk in the dark until one day when I came to yet another crossroads in my life (the middle where decisions are made) I finally broke through and made a different choice. I had to come through Christ to get to the light and make better choices for a better life.

We can’t keep beating our drums to the rhythm of the world and expect a new song to form in our hearts.

There must be a change, a new direction, , along with motivation and discipline to learn a new way with Christ and stay in the light. Sadly, most people don’t figure out how to do that most of their lives if they do at all or they are too stubborn and want to hold on to their old ways, not willing to make the necessary changes. I know because I was one of them.

Each day brings a clean slate with new mercies and a new choice. We can learn from our past mistakes, make better choices instead of staying in the same patterns and allow God to recycle our pain and use it for His glory.

Are you ready to make a change and take a step closer to Christ? How would you feel if your life never changed after today? All of us can learn something from yesterday and use it to be a better person today, but we must also let go of who we were yesterday, accept the forgiveness Christ is offering and make better choices based on His truth for us. Making the time, putting in the work for Christ is worth it. You are worth it.

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