Morning by Morning

Looking at my phone to determine the weather isn’t always accurate. I realized this recently when I checked my phone and saw that it said it was 57 degrees only to find a different story when I headed out the door to a chilly 30 something.

On another day, it was not supposed to rain, at all, according to my phone. But when I got outside, the pavement was wet, and a drizzling mist was falling from the sky. This didn’t deter me from running but I thought in that moment that we can’t always predict what the weather will be until we are in it. We can be prepared for it and head back in to change or add layers as needed when presented with the day. In other words, we can take the appropriate action based on the situation as it is presented.

I believe the same goes for taking each day as it comes to us and knowing God will equip us with what we need to handle any situation that arises. If we are listening, and ready to respond with courage, trusting and being obedient, we don’t have to worry about being where God wants us. He will lead us to the mission He has for us when His timing is right.

We sometimes want to rush the process or go out on our own to figure out how to get the end results we want now instead of waiting. But we can trust God and know that waiting on Him is part of the plan most of the time and His timing is perfect. He may still be preparing part of the mission or people we will need to help us on our journey.

We just need to be prepared and ready to move when He presents us with the opportunity, without fear of missing it. We can rest assured He is always working and is preparing the way before us.

We can be prepared by having faith in the One who created us and chose us for the mission. Sometimes our days don’t go as planned but we can trust in God’s plan and enjoy the journey. Every day is an adventure when we are open to His opportunities. Sometimes we just need a new perspective instead of getting upset about the changes each day brings.  

…morning by morning He awakens me and opens my understanding to His will. Isaiah 50:4

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