Could it be….perhaps?!

Do you happen to remember the blog post below? The one where I said the chipmunks did my spring planting. Could it be….that perhaps he did indeed. The picture on the left: Spring. The picture on the right: yesterday this beauty was in full bloom in my backyard. How sweet!

Well, my spring planting is done. The seeds may not be where I would have planted them, but I am pretty sure they are planted somewhere in my backyard by the chipmunk stealing sunflower seeds from the bird feeder at my front window.

The little fellow filled his cheeks to the max and scurried to the back of the house to hide his treasure. He made several trips in the same fashion and managed to empty the feeder of most of its contents in record timing.

It was a funny sight to watch as he hung from the tree limb and made a nose dive into the feeder head first filling his cheeks with seeds like he was saving for a famine. I am not sure exactly where he buried them, and I am certain he won’t remember where all of them are either when he decides to eat them.

I read an article recently that said squirrels (I am sure chipmunks fall into that category), only find about 10% of what they hide. So, if that is the case, I should have plenty of sunflowers in the back yard soon.

The article went on to give quite an interesting perspective on this process that made me smile. The little furry animals may be sowing nuts/seedlings that will eventually become a tree that will provide shelter for many other animals. It could produce more nuts that will feed and sustain others in their community not to mention benefit humans as well with shade, beauty and food or all kinds of resources that trees provide.

Looking at it this way makes me realize the seeds we sow now can help/benefit future generations in many ways. We may not reap the benefits in our lifetime or see the results of what we plant but you can rest assured that it will carry down through family generations and either benefit or hinder our grand-children and great-grand-children and so forth.

On some occasions we see the fruit of our labors and the benefits of sowing seeds in love and grace and how that can affect us, our family and others. But even if we don’t, we need to plant the right seeds like we will. Our prayers are seeds planted for the next generation.

Kindness, love, compassion, generosity, grace and humility are all great seeds worth planting again and again. It not only blesses us but will bless others too.

God sees the beauty in us like we see beauty in nature- in trees and flowers and butterflies, through the lens of love. He sees the heart and potential of every person.

What kind of seeds are you planting for yourself and the generations to come?

You will always harvest what you plant. Galatians 6:7

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