Butterfly Kisses

I have always loved butterflies. Intrigued not only by their beauty, like little flying flowers, but the intricate details God put into their design.  I could stand in a field of flowers for hours waiting for a butterfly to land to capture a second of its beauty with my lens.

I’ve wanted to write about the amazing migration patterns of the monarch for many years but never quite got around to it. Now, there are other parts of their journey that have captured my attention and it seems like a good time to put pen to paper about these little creatures.

Take their feet for instance. Did you know the tiny little receptors on their feet help them locate and taste food? Did you know their wings are transparent? Not only do they reflect bright colors for us to enjoy as they flutter by, but they hold no secrets to the outside world. They wear the truth of their past life as a worm like a beautiful reminder of the transformation they experienced in a very short time.

And what about their antennas? Did you know they use them as light receptors? The antennae track the position of the sun and turn that information into the time of day. They also can help them fly in the right direction while giving them a balanced life. The antennae can help them sense the direction of the wind and changes in the direction, so they can ride the currents without losing their way.

At the base of the antennae is a special organ (Johnston’s organ) it draws information from the antennae to help keep the butterfly balanced.

So, in short, their little antennas provide a lot of meaningful purposes: Smell, internal clock, navigation, balance and even help with finding the right mate. They can recognize the wind beats of their own species. How amazing is that?

When I was in North Carolina for my fly fishing trip last year, there were several storms that came up. The first night I was there it knocked out the TV signal in my room. In thinking along those lines and the antennae of the butterflies being so well tuned to their surroundings. What kind of reception does your antennae pick up? Do you lose signal at the first sign of a storm and feel disconnected and alone or do you have a higher frequency that can detect a spiritual signal no matter if you are experiencing a storm in your life or fairer weather? Do you know how to fine tune your senses to pick up even in a storm?

What if we wore our faith on our sleeves (or wings), being transparent with the truth about the transformation Christ gave us so our actions help others grow in their faith because they see how much we trust God?

Did you know a developing butterfly can’t fly immediately? It pumps body fluid through its wing veins to expand them. Once its wings reach full-size, the butterfly must rest for a few hours to allow its body to dry and harden before it can take first flight.

Once God transforms us and breaks us free from the cocoon, His breath is the Living Waters that flow through our veins to wash away all doubt and fear of spreading our wings to fly and fulfill our purpose in this life according to His will. He gives us the time to rest and prepare our minds and bodies for the journey of our first flight.

The phases of life a butterfly goes through are symbolic of our lives. From egg to worm to cocoon to butterfly stage- we too can break away the cocoon of our dark past to be free and beautiful.

If God designed an insect with such thought and care to detail with a keen sense of direction; what more detail and thought, went into how He created us? We need to hone in on our natural abilities, sense of direction, tune our antennas to weather any storm that comes our way.

The path God places in front us leads to the kingdom of His glory. The metamorphosis that takes place in our hearts is a symbol of faith. We need to keep our faith as we undergo transitions in our lives. If we can accept the changes that come and emerge from our transitions as beautifully and graceful as the butterfly, we would spend our short life span as joyfully as they do.

Exponential growth comes from strengthening your faith muscles. Through your faith you can encourage and strengthen others. Live by high standards for yourself so others will see your faith in action. Heightened senses and spiritual awareness go hand in hand.

Next time you are out in nature, pay close attention to the smallest details of God’s design and see if you can receive a spiritual message through something you see every day.

“The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved. It is a reality to be experienced.” ~Aart van der Leeow

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

Have you read Acts 2:43-47 lately? What a beautiful picture of physical and spiritual growth through faith and obedience.

(ref.: Thought.Co by Debbie Hadley; Mom.me)

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