The Labyrinth, the Heart & the Clock

Last year, the Holy Spirit gave me the image of a sun dial, labyrinth and the word heart and/or center, along with the phrase “pointing west” (as in direction) and “opposite direction.” (which would be east).

Stay with me…

I saw these images on more than one occasion. Each time I tried to explain what they meant at the time. But, didn’t really have a clear explanation. I dismissed portions of it after I couldn’t figure it out. I mentioned the sun dial and labyrinth to one of my mentors at the time and he prayed about it. I thought it could be for him instead.

I travelled to a foreign country on a mission trip and saw a sun dial on my journey. I immediately felt the connection I needed to God in this far-away place. Thinking that was why He showed me this, I was content with finally understanding why I had seen the image of the sun dial. I had not forgotten the labyrinth or heart but had explained those by other means and dismissed them. I also forgot all about the west/east scenario.

After returning, I took a tour of Life Adventure Center in Versailles. The morning of the tour before I left for work I was sitting in my office at home enjoying some quiet time with the Holy Spirit. I was given the image of a flag and a message about my scars from my accident being a symbol of remembrance. For me, they remind me of how God saved my life and changed it forever. Likewise, the scars on Christ’s hands are a remembrance of how He covers all our sins and saved us. He nailed them to the cross, so we could have victory.

My message from the Holy Spirit: “Scars are another symbol of remembrance. My hands tell a love story. Your scars mark the day I saved you and brought you back to Myself and the Father. We won the battle together. You are a victor in Christ. Let your scars tell your story. Our stories collide. The scars of your past mistakes and sins run deep but My scars cover all of yours in love for complete healing.”

Scar- a mark left by a “healed” wound.

At the last stop of the day, I raised up from climbing out of the rear of the van, my eyes met head on with a beautiful labyrinth made of rocks. What a sight to behold. I knew at that very moment this was significant. A flag pole was positioned at the back side with two flags flying in the wind.

I was so enthralled by the labyrinth that I almost missed the heart at the left of it and the clock at the right, both made of rocks as well. Someone in our group asked, “Is that a sun dial or a regular clock?” I was really paying attention now.

It had to mean something. I was snapping pictures and trying to take notes of our tour guides information. He explained that it represents our life. One way in and one way out with a triumphant experience in between. He went on to say it had been completed in June 2013. (the same month and year as my accident.)

They place ruby stones in the middle as a remembrance of veterans who have taken their lives. Each vet goes in and takes a stone as a sign of victory and vow that they will not do the same.

It all came together in one place. Time, place, my life and what direction I had taken after the accident. When God’s timing was right, and Christ entered my heart I won my battle. I could fly my flag of victory.

Whether it is a sun dial or a regular clock, both represent God’s timing. But a sun dial needs the sun and casts shadows to tell time. The Labyrinth is our life. We go in one way (we are born) and we go out one way (we die). It’s what we do in between that matters. Our choices take us in all directions but when we accept Christ in our hearts we find the center of remembrance (signifying our past mistakes that Christ saved us from).

COL. 2:11-15…. (12) And with Him you were raised to new life because you trusted the mighty power of God, who raised Christ from the dead.

Col 2:17 For these rules are only shadows of the reality yet to come.

(It was also not a coincidence that I was reading these scriptures the same morning.)

I had other questions, so I asked our tour guide in an email a few days later if he could share some more information about the labyrinth. In his explanation he added a few interesting facts.

Wait for it….

“It faces east. So many of our individuals are coming from rough situations, so east is the direction of new hope. Then they walk out (facing west) they’re allowing their old experiences they’ve let go of be sunset.”

Isn’t that exactly what Christ did for us as I mentioned earlier?

In other words…. there was the other connection bringing it all together in one beautiful gift…. all in God’s timing!

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