A Mother’s Day Tribute

Mom was a nurturer and care giver by nature. A beautiful lady inside and out. She tirelessly raised five children in a tiny house with patience and love. But that’s what true moms do. God designed moms to be tough and able to endure not only childbirth itself but long, exhausting nights with sick kids who are then miraculously able to go like a superheros the next day taking care of everyone’s needs, except her own, most of the time.

In a very short time, a few years ago our family suffered great loss with two siblings and both our parents passing on from this earth to be at home with their Heavenly Father. Today would have been my oldest brother’s birthday. Being born on Mother’s Day was, in mom’s mind, probably one of the most precious Mother’s Day gifts she ever received. She loved her children dearly and it showed.

Mom didn’t talk about her young life or her former marriage to much extent, but on occasion she would disclose how our brother got his name. The ink dried on the birth certificate as “Robert Lewis” without Mom’s blessing or consent. So, from day one, she called him “Butch”. I can’t say I ever heard her call him Robert Lewis. Not even when she was mad at him. For her, Butch was his name and it stuck. At least for family members.

A mom carries her child for nine months – that alone should give her naming rights or at least a say in the matter. So, I guess this was her way of getting around the fact that she was denied that privilege.  

I remember having a substitute teacher in elementary school that had Butch in school and asked me about my brother “Robert”. I had no clue who she was talking about until it had to be explained to me.

He never called me by my given name. He always called me “Squirt”. Unless it was the time I sneaked behind the wheel of his prized car or one of the many times I woke him up from hibernation. I didn’t mind the nickname. It gave us a special bond I suppose.

With the loss of so many in a short time, our family is hit hard when it comes to holidays. But our fond memories and our Heavenly Father keeps us going. I read a scripture in the book of Isaiah recently that not only gave me a new perspective but a new sense of peace.

Good people pass away; the godly often die before their time. But no one seems to care of wonder why. No one seems to understand that God is protecting them from the evil to come.  Isaiah 57:1

My NLT study bible explains that God is protecting them: at times God allows the godly to die in order to protect them from harsher times to come.

 We all know the ones left behind are the ones who suffer most when loved ones pass on. We sometimes have difficulty understanding why good people are taken too soon. For us, no matter when it is, it is always too soon. Passages like this help us find peace here on earth until we can join them in Heaven for eternity. Happy Birthday Butch! Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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